It is often quite an emotional day for the father of the bride.   While the father of the bride is probably feeling a range of emotions, he might also be wondering what comes with the responsibility of being father of the bride. Rest assured, there are no hard and fast rules as to what being a father of the bride entails. Instead, it’s important for the father of the bride to ask his daughter how she’d like him to take part on the big day. Here are some ideas that are typical father of the bride duties.

Help pay for the wedding

Traditionally, it is the father of the bride’s responsibility to pay for the wedding. These days however this isn’t always the case. Instead, often a mix of both parents and the bride and groom contribute to the bill, or the bride and groom pay for everything themselves.

Travel with the bride to the venue

One of the more tricky father of the bride tasks, is his responsibility to make sure the bride arrives at the venue on time! This is of course, easier said than done, but there are some things he can do to help.

The duty we’re sure the father of the bride has been waiting for, is walking his daughter down the aisle. It is a very special moment in any father’s life. To make sure it all goes smoothly, be sure to have a wedding rehearsal in advance where your father can work out when you need to make your entrance and how fast you need to walk down the aisle.

Make a speech

Traditionally, the father of the bride is the first to make a speech at the ceremony, so he will want to make sure he does a great job. This is an opportunity to welcome guests, thank everyone for coming, and tell a few stories about his little girl.

Take part in the father daughter dance

A beautiful tradition that is sure to bring a tear to the father of the bride’s eye, is the father daughter dance.  It is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with his daughter on her big day. To help make it extra special, pick out a father daughter dance song in advance to ensure you get the moves right.

Play host at the end of the night

With the bride and groom no doubt partying the night away, the father of the bride needs to help make sure everything is wrapped up at the end of the evening. Before the end of the night, he can check to make sure all of the vendors have been paid and that the wedding presents have been taken from the venue. It’s also customary to say goodbye to all of the guests, leaving the bride and groom to enjoy themselves.