Allison & Michael’s Elopement Wedding, Rotary Broadwater Chapel, Gold Coast

Allison and Michael , who live in Junee, New South Wales, made the decision to elope when holidaying on the Gold Coast and celebrated their marriage with only a few close family.  They enjoyed an intimate wedding ceremony in the beautiful Rotary Broadwater Chapel on the Gold Coast. It was still necessary for them to give one [...]

Handfasting Ceremony – Lynne and Jon’s Wedding, Gold Coast Hinterland

In many cultures the ancient ceremony called 'Handfasting' was enough for couples to be wed in the eyes of the community. The knot used was called a 'lovers' knot'. Couples would cross their right wrists and hold them together. Also stemming from this tradition are the sayings 'tying the knot' and 'I give my hand [...]

Sand Ceremony – Peiyu & Yu-Hsuan’s Wedding, Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove Resort

The flowing sands and blending colours of the Unity Sand Ceremony symbolize the bringing together of two lives into one. The two separate sands symbolize everything that the bride and groom have been in the past combining into a bright future – one that can include parents, children and close friends too.

Wedding Packages 2018

I specialise in designing warm and loving beautiful ceremonies – presenting them in a friendly, happy and graceful manner.  My Wedding Gallery further down this page will give you a pictorial overview of some of those ceremonies I have had the honour of presenting. I OFFER COUPLES THE CHOICE BETWEEN TWO WEDDING CEREMONY PACKAGES as [...]

Rebecca & Alan’s Wedding Day

Sandra was truly exceptional. Her friendly nature, flexibility with the ceremony and help to complete it made the day very special. What really made Sandra standout is her willingness and positive spirit. Her energy and excitement for our day made the planning almost as exciting as the day... We both can't say enough kind words [...]